Alisson has signed a long-term contract extension with Liverpool. 

Alisson joined Liverpool from Roma in 2018.

"Me and my family, we are really happy here," Alisson told the club's official website. "My kids are settled in England, in a different country, but they are growing up in that way. So we are really happy.

"I'm really glad that I can keep going on with my work here, doing a good job here. So, I'm really happy to make this decision -- that is not hard for me.

"We have to set goals and we have to set them high -- winning everything that we are playing [for], the Champions League, Premier League, the cups, everything. I think we can start from there.

"But obviously winning depends on what we will put on the pitch, what we will give on the pitch and we have to give 100 per cent at least. If we can push harder, we will go."