Luis Suarez Unlikely To Sign For Juventus
Liverpool Close To Deal With Wolves For Diogo Jota
Mauricio Pochettino Calls Managing Real Madrid 'A Dream'
Spurs Finalize Deals With Real Madrid For Gareth Bale, Sergio Reguilon
Liverpool Completes Transfer With Bayern For Thiago
Spurs In Talks With Real Madrid On Loan Deal For Gareth Bale
Barcelona Prepared To Bench Luis Suarez If Transfer Not Found
United Fear Increased Competition For Jadon Sancho Next Summer
Neymar Accuses Marseille Defender Of Racist Comments
Diego Simeone Asymptomatic After Testing Positive For COVID-19

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Soccer Analysis

Continuity, Pressing And Navigating The 20-21 Premier League Season

by Yu Miyagawa

We've concluded that this past season and this current season should be analyzed as two parts of one continuous timeline with the richest clubs having even a bigger advantage than in a typical season.

Lionel Messi Will Define La Liga's Season, Again

by Yu Miyagawa

Lionel Messi is staying, but the storylines, rumors and narratives aren't over. We'll go through the cycle again next summer as Messi's contract expires. Between now and then, we'll examine everything.

Shaped By 2020, Atalanta Gives Serie A The Blueprint For The Future

by Yu Miyagawa

Their 3-4-3 attacking style defied narratives of Serie A's defensive reputation. They’ve built further upon that excitement this season, straddling the gap between the mainstream and keeping their indie spark.

Thiago Or Nothing: The Midfielder Bridges Two Eras At Bayern Munich

by Yu Miyagawa

Even with the trophies and virality, are we right to believe that Thiago is still underrated? He's akin to a critically acclaimed indie movie or classic novel: we've heard of him, we've heard critics talk glowing about him, but have we really understood?

Lionel Messi's Patience With Barcelona Has Finally Run Out

by Colin McGowan

Lionel Messi is both demanding and passive-aggressive in the way that star athletes often are, and he's right to be upset about how Barcelona have wasted his unparalleled talents with squads that haven't worked or even made much sense.

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