Arsenal announced that they have laid off 55 employees, including several scouts.

Francis Cagigao, the head of recruitment, was the highest-profile name to be released, and Pete Clark and Brian McDermott were also told their services were no longer required.

Ty Gooden, who covers France and Belgium, has also been told he will not be retained and further changes are being made across their international operation. Leonardo Scirpoli, who has overseen their scouting in Germany since last summer, will also lose his job and a similar fate has befallen their scout in Scotland, Alex Stafford, the Spain scout, Julio de Marco, and the Italian scout Alessandro Sbrizzo.

Arsenal’s players are unhappy about the redundancies across the club. There is a frustration among players that they agreed to take pay cuts of 12.5 percent in April to protect staff only to see them laid off now that their season is over.