Xavi has expressed concern about the direction of Barcelona's La Masia academy following the departure of Joan Vila.

Vila was a key figure behind Barcelona's passing game.

"I am concerned about the situation of the Barcelona academy," Xavi told Cataluny Radio. I am very worried about the departure of Joan Vila.

"If you take Joan Vila out of Barca, what is Barca doing? This is the question. He's the person with the most knowledge of Barcelona's positional play. I don't understand it.

"Joan is a fount of wisdom of the Barcelona game. [Former physical trainer] Paco Seirullo is another and also Albert Benaiges, who is now at Vissel Kobe with Iniesta. They are people that Barca have to take advantage of."

La Masia players have been struggling to join Barcelona's first team with the club preferring established talent bought on the transfer market.