Arsene Wenger expects to return to managing in January.

Wenger, however, said it would be "odd" to manage in England again.

"I said many times maybe the best way is not to be in England, because I spent so much time at the same club it would seem odd to go somewhere else," Wenger said at the launch of the Twinning Project at Wembley. "But at the moment I cannot tell you that, because I don't even know where I'll be. But I'll be somewhere."

Wenger said he remains supportive of Arsenal despite his departure.

"I am a supporter. When Arsenal win I'm happy," he said. "I felt I worked very hard for this club, I dedicated my whole life for this club to be in good shape when I leave it. And I think that's what I did. And after that, I'm a supporter like everybody else. I want Arsenal to be happy and to win football games."