Arsenal will likely miss out on European football for the first time in 25 years, which leaves the future of Mikel Arteta as manager uncertain.

Arteta still has the support of senior figures at Arsenal.

If Arteta stays, he expects a major overhaul of the roster.

"They [the fans] are entitled to their opinions," he said at a news conference on Tuesday. "The only way I can prove [myself] is by having a team that performs on the pitch and makes them proud. That's the only thing that I can do.

"The only thing I can be judged on is do I create the necessary environment for a top, elite team to compete at the higher level and get everybody in the condition to do their best? And after that, do I get the best out of the players that I have? The maximum, whatever the level is, do I get the best out of that?

"This is how I judge myself and at the end, in the outside world, how I am going to be judged is just with results, nothing else. What we've done good before, in the past, in the process... It's irrelevant. It's only what you get from that result when you are on that pitch.

"Now it is how we evolve, there are a lot of things that had to be done and they have been done, a lot of changes to make and a lot of them have been made. Now it is time to evolve. To evolve you to have to take things so that when they are a little more settled and established, take them to the next level."