Don Garber admitted his frustration with delays surrounding construction for Inter Miami's new stadium.

The club, which makes its debut next season, is expected to play its first two seasons in Ft. Lauderdale.

"There have been continuous challenges in Miami, and it's frustrating. MLS has shown such a commitment to the City of Miami, and been so patient for so many years. We've done everything we said we would do ... Now all of a sudden, there's a bunch of folks that are backtracking on some of the commitments that were made. I find it frustrating and at times infuriating. It seems as if we're getting caught up in a political mess that is not of our making. I'm very disappointed," said Garber.

Miami city officials are meeting on Thursday to discuss whether to develop a 25,000 seat stadium as part of a $1 billion project titled Miami Freedom Park.