Pep Guardiola stated that Manchester City must win every match to retain their title following a 3-1 victory over Crystal Palace.

“We’ll have to win every game if we want to make back-to-back titles, we know that and the players have shown they want to do it. No doubts. Why should I not trust them to continue [handling the nerves]? For a month in the Premier League we’ve known it’d be almost impossible … no, possible but very difficult, to win the title if we dropped points," said Guardiola.

Guardiola added that the side's personality will carry them through this tough stretch.

“This game was really good after the Champions League defeat because the stage was not easy,” said Guardiola, whose side’s winning run in the league started at the beginning of February. “We’ve played every three days [through] December, January and February but, even if we are not fresh, we have the personality for the games."