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Three Words Most Often Used To Describe All 32 World Cup Teams
The team at Cambridge scoured over 15,000 football-specific online sources to produce the following chart.
Messi, Robben, James, Neymar, Howard Headline World Cup Best XI
Lionel Messi headlines the WhoScored Best XI leading up to the World Cup Final with a rating of 8.77.
Odds, Scenarios For USMNT Qualifying For Round Of 16
The United States have anywhere between a 76 percent and 80 percent chance of advancing to the Round of 16 following their 1-1 tie against Portugal.
Germany-Ghana Draws Nearly 6M Viewers On ESPN
The interest in the match was surely elevated by the impact on the chances of the United States advancing out of the group stage.
USMNT's Odds Of Advancing Improves To 63 Percent
After the first day of Group G play, the United States now have a 63 percent chance to advance to the round of 16.
Spain, Germany, Brazil Ranked 1-3 In Final FIFA Rankings Before WC
Four World Cup Teams Have German Manager
Roger Bennett: Soccer Is Perfect Sport For Internet Era


Tchau To All That

by Christopher Reina

The individual brilliance of the early matches was eventually neutralized by countries with better all-around squads and this was a World Cup that became reasonably predictable once we escaped the group stage. But every single minute was thrilling and worth it.

Messi, Suarez & Costa Rica: An Ode To The 2014 World Cup Group Stages

by Yu Miyagawa

The deluge of goals from Messi, Neymar, Müller, Robben and Van Persie, impressive play from Costa Rica and Colombia, and the bite seen round the world all overshadowed the changing of the era.

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