Pep Guardiola plans to confront Jurgen Klopp about the assertion Manchester City enjoyed a two-week break over Christmas following a COVID-19 outbreak.

The break, which was only seven days without a match, has been cited by Klopp as a way of vaulting City back into the title race.

“He made a mistake – it was two months off, or three months off?” Guardiola said sarcastically. “No, four. Four months off. That’s why we are in top form right now. Jürgen has to see the calendar again. We had Covid, we had one week and we played with 14 players at Stamford Bridge.

“But maybe I’m wrong and it was not two weeks, it was three or four weeks. Tomorrow when I see Jürgen I’ll say to him: ‘How many weeks or days were we off?’”

“We didn’t have a break – I think City had a two-week break for Covid reasons. It’s really tough. It’s a tough season; I know for some teams it looks less,” said Klopp.