Norwich will join the Premier League next season after beating Blackburn 2-1 and earning an automatic bid.

 “I don’t want to be too scared so I’m not thinking about Pep Guardiola or Jürgen Klopp’s side. Today I’m just interested in celebrating. Even if the rest of the club wants to go to bed, I will celebrate on my own," said manager Daniel Farke.

They will win the Championship with a point against Aston Villa next weekend.

“It’s a little miracle that we could promoted under these circumstances, with financial pressure and these young lads. This achievement, in the style we achieved it, is really extraordinary. It’s a fantastic effort for this club that was in a really difficult situation. All the credit goes to our board. We had to earn so much money to keep this club running. They were brave enough to change their approach to reach their targets," added Farke.