Charlie I'Anson is the only Englishman in La Liga, as the 20-year-old defender is on Elche.

I'Anson was born in Luton but raised in Spain.

“I got spotted by a Nottingham Forest scout playing in a tournament for a Malaga side when I was 16. The fella spoke with my dad and I went for a trial," said I'Anson.

“They said they’d call. I didn’t think they would, but they did. They offered me a youth contract and said I’d be a backup. Then they told me about Grimsby, I spoke to them, signed on there and left home.”

I'Anson learned 'Tiki-Taka' though it took a while for him to grasp the concept.

"My first club here, Benamiel, was fútbol sala - 7-a-side. They taught us to always, always play out from the back, even if you lost the ball and the other team scored. All I remember thinking was ‘why do we keep doing this?’, because the other side just kept on scoring. We were going home crying and Dad would be saying ‘it doesn’t matter’ but it kept happening.”

Welshman Gareth Bale famously joined I'Anson in La Liga with his expensive transfer to Real Madrid.

“It’s a choice you have to make and take. It’s not a case of the English not being technical or don’t have the skill to play in Spain, because that’s not true. They could come here and do a better job than some of the Spanish players – and that goes the other way round too. It’s just  a case of at least taking a chance.

“You have to take your chances in football. There’s no reason for saying it won’t work in Spain, because if you don’t try, you don’t know. You can learn so much abroad that you can’t at home. Style, game, language.”