LaLiga is likely to miss out on an extra spot in the Champions League last season and could even lose a spot, meaning they could drop from five spots to three spots.

Barcelona and Atletico Madrid were both eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, while Real Madrid barely got past Manchester City.

LaLiga teams’ poor performances in Europe have exacerbated the financial gap to the much richer Premier League. Meanwhile, clubs from the Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1 have caught up.

From 2006-2022, either Barca or Madrid won nine of 16 Champions League titles, which was more than clubs from all other countries combined.

Other Spanish teams including Valencia, Sevilla, Villarreal and Malaga all enjoyed deep runs in the Champions League during the 2010s.

At its peak position in 2019, La Liga had four teams in the top seven of UEFA’s club rankings, which are based on teams’ results in the five previous seasons of any of their competitions. Real Madrid were first, Barcelona second, Atletico were fourth and Sevilla were seventh. The top English side were Manchester City in sixth, while Arsenal were ninth and Liverpool were 11th.

The Premier League jumped ahead of LaLiga in 2021 after City defeated Chelsea in the 2021 final.

Madrid making the last four was at least a welcome boost for La Liga’s ranking, along with City and Arsenal’s quarter-final exits. Spain has 15.312 points so far this season. France has 15.250, England 16.875, Germany 17.214 and Italy 18.428.