Pep Guardiola said he has questioned whether he is "good enough" to lead Manchester City to a Champions League title.

Guardiola last won the Champions League in 2011 with Barcelona despite overwhelming success otherwise at City and Bayern Munich.

"I have the feeling that the people from Abu Dhabi bought this club, not to just win the Champions League, they did it to be there in all competitions every season and compete in all competitions until the end," Guardiola told a news conference on Friday.

"We want to do it [win the Champions League]. Maybe I'm not good enough to help the team to do it. Nobody knows what would have happened with other players or managers.

"For us, it is an honor to be there as much as possible in all competitions. I know that some people don't appreciate what this club is doing, maybe it is not enough but for me it is incredibly remarkable being in the semi-finals of the Champions League again after last season."