Thomas Tuchel said he wants to remain manager of Chelsea long-term despite the frequency of turnover for managers at top clubs.

“I will try to,” Tuchel said. “But listen, I had one year in the academy and five years in Mainz – my longest spell so far in professional football. Then I had the strong feeling in the last year that my energy was not on the highest level any more.

“Quality and results are the most important, otherwise we have no chance to stay. If you have that and if you feel happy and if the club and manager build a trust, like there is at Liverpool, Manchester City and of course at Burnley, it can be a successful story.

“It can be the other way around – that you change a lot of managers and you are also successful. The proof is maybe this club here. No hard feelings for both approaches. I will do my very best to stay as long as possible because I like where I am. It is a perfect fit.”