Manchester United's 5-0 defeat to Liverpool has put the future of Ole Gunnar Solskjær as manager in doubt.

"I have come too far, we have come too far as a group. We are too close to give up now," said Solskjær. “I do believe in myself, I do believe that I am getting close to what I want with the club, what we’ve done, what I’ve seen, the development,” he said. “[True] the results lately haven’t been good enough, it’s hands up and that brings doubt in anyone’s mind probably, but I’ve got to keep strong and believe in what we’re doing.

“Today’s rock bottom [and we’re] low in confidence. Next week is Tottenham away, then it’s a Champions League game at Atalanta and the next team who visits us is Manchester City. We have to make sure we go into the next training session in the right frame of mind.”

Liverpool's victory was their best ever at United.

“It is not easy to say something apart from that it is the darkest day I have had leading these players,” Solskjær added.

“We were not good enough individually and as a team we can’t give a team like Liverpool those chances but we did. I am sad, disappointed and angry of course. My emotion doesn’t matter apart from what we do to improve and make sure it doesn’t happen.

“This could go either way, we could sulk or we could come together. The whole performance was not good enough. We created openings, they had chances and they have been clinical. The third goal decided the game. We know we are rock bottom, we can’t feel any worse than this. Let’s see where we take it. You can look at last season when we lose to Spurs 6-1: this is worse, miles worse. This is miles worse for me as a Manchester [United] lad. I’ve got to say we have to get over this as quickly as we can.”