Gareth Southgate said he was responsible for England's penalty shootout loss to Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

Southgate subbed on Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho late in the match, with both players missing their penalties.

“That is my responsibility,” Southgate said. “I chose the guys to take the kicks. I told the players that nobody is on their own in that situation. We win and lose together as a team. They have been tight throughout and that’s how it needs to stay. It is my decision to give him [Saka] that penalty. That is totally my responsibility."

Southgate sought to deflect blame from Bukayo Saka, who missed the fifth and final penalty.

“He’s such a super boy. He’s been a star and he’s going to continue to be a star. We’ve got to be there to support and help him. He’ll get a lot of love from outside because of what he’s done in this tournament," added Southgate.

Meanwhile, Harry Kane looked forward to next year World Cup.

“They’ve just got to hold their heads up high. It’s been a fantastic tournament and these things can happen. Anyone can miss a penalty. We win together, we lose together; these boys will grow for it and it gives us more motivation to do well in the World Cup next year."