The Premier League expects to have full stadiums for the start of the 21-22 season in August. 

The United Kingdom government is preparing to lift all social contact restrictions on June 21.

"The fans are starting to come back next week and I hope on Aug. 14 they will be back in full," Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said during a media briefing on Thursday. "No one knows of course, but I feel really optimistic that we will be full.

"All the mood music and the messages coming out of government are positive, with the cautionary caveats and safety will always come first. Maybe the fan experience will be slightly different, but I'm optimistic and that's our objective.

"Whatever we have to do and put in place, we will and the clubs will step in and do it, so I am optimistic that's going to happen.

"Full capacity crowds [have been] the missing ingredient, so let's be optimistic about it."