Gio Reyna said he was never going to consider playing for a country other than the United States and he believes a potential partnership with Christian Pulisic could last more than a decade.

"I've played for the U.S. my whole life and I've been in the youth national teams, my dad played for the U.S. so if I played for another country, it wouldn't feel right," Reyna told ESPN's Sam Borden.

Reyna qualified to play for England due to his father.

"U.S.A is my home country, I lived here most of my life but yeah, it was always U.S.A., it was never really a discussion," Reyna said.

Reyna is looking forward to playing with Pulisic.

"I think the idea of us [Pulisic and Reyna] playing together is really exciting which, you know, I think people should start looking at that more than comparing us," he added.

"If we get our group together and me and Christian playing together, I think can be very exciting for the next, who knows, 10 years or 15 years."