Brendan Rodgers revealed both he and his wife had COVID-19.

Rodgers is the second Premier League manager, after Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta, to have confirmed catching the virus.

“I wasn’t well and it was later detected I had the virus,” Rodgers said. “A week after that, my wife had it. We spent about three weeks feeling the effects. We were nowhere near as bad as a lot of people but we lost our smell and taste for three weeks, we lost our strength, so I had a little feeling of whatever it must be like. It was tough.

“The strangest thing was the smell and the taste. You’re eating your dinner every day and you could not smell or taste anything. Then you lose your strength, you could hardly walk 10 feet and you were really blowing. I felt similar to climbing Kilimanjaro and you get to a certain altitude, you walk and you really suffer in your breathing. You’re walking 10 to 20 yards and you’re thinking: ‘Goodness me.’

“At the time I hadn’t been tested but you know it’s different. The headache felt like it isolated one side of your head. Your strength gets taken out of you.”