Josep Maria Bartomeu stated that while there will be less money overall in this summer's transfer market, Barcelona are still in a position to be able to sign a big player.

"I can't talk about names, but Barca will be making moves to do the deals we feel necessary," said Bartomeu. "We make more money than any other football club in the world, so of course we have the capacity [to make big signings].

"The club is not in danger. We're different from other clubs that [rely on] ticketing or television rights. We have other sources of income like the football schools, the museum. [So] the lockdown hits us more than others, but we will also be quicker to get back on track."

Barcelona have been linked with Lautaro Martinez and Neymar, though they will reportedly only be able to sign one of the strikers due to a lack of funds.

Bartomeu added that Barcelona were ahead of financial projections when the La Liga season was suspended.

"The predicted revenue for this season was €1 billion and we were flying in February, ahead of predictions. We will continue to be the biggest earning football club. All clubs have a drop in income right now and we are working quickly to act on that."