Ilkay Gundogan said that Liverpool should be awarded the Premier League title if the season is unable to continue.

"For me, that would be okay, yes. You have to be fair as a sportsperson," said Gundogan on Liverpool's season.

Gudogan also added that he would be open to taking a pay cut.

"Of course I think it's okay, that goes without saying, [but] there's been no discussion in England yet," Gundogan said. "Perhaps that's because the English clubs are a bit financially stronger than the clubs in Germany at the moment.

"I don't know who has the final say in that decision. On the other hand, if a player says, 'no, I don't want that, I worked hard for it, I get my salary,' then it can go in the opposite direction. For me personally, it would be okay but, to be honest, you have to be tolerant and if there are players who are against that, then that's also an acceptable situation."