Arsene Wenger said that Arsenal lost its sense of soul when the club moved to the Emirates Stadium in 2006. 

"We built a new stadium but we never found our soul -- we left our soul at Highbury. We could never recreate it for security reasons. The distance from the pitch to the stand had to be bigger as we needed ambulances to come in. The inclination of the stands had to be smaller all those things together that we didn't find to recreate the atmosphere," said Wenger.

Wenger added that Anfield is currently the best stadium experience in England. 

"[Anfield] is the best stadium in England. It's simple because the people are so close to the pitch. People really love football in every family, they are football connoisseurs. I've been in positions there where I've been leading 5-1 with five minutes to go and they were chanting 'You'll Never Walk Alone.' It's one of the few cities, maybe the only city in the world where you find that."