Jurgen Klopp criticized the way VAR changed how referees call matches following Liverpool's 1-1 draw to Manchester United.

Divock Origi appeared to be fouled in the buildup to United's opener, leading Klopp to observe that refs are overly reliant upon VAR.

“This is an issue we have to discuss. The process [allows] the ref to make the decision or not because they have VAR. The ref thinks: ‘Let it run – we have VAR.’ But then VAR says it can’t be overruled because it was not clear. How can he say it’s not a foul? I was 100% sure. I said, ‘Wow.’ I was not angry, I was surprised. I think everyone can agree it was a foul but with VAR it is not a clear foul. That is the situation," said Klopp.

Ole Gunner Solskjaer disagreed with Klopp's assessment that there was a foul.

“No chance – we’re not playing basketball. It’s never a foul. I don’t think Keano [Roy Keane] would say that’s a foul. I thought the referee needs praising. It’s not often we do that. He let it be a derby game, it wasn’t like you couldn’t touch anyone.”