Lionel Messi took on a more vocal role for Argentina during the 2019 Copa America, according to Angel Di Maria.

"Messi told us he was proud of the team we had built. That we had not been together much as some had not been called up [to the senior team] before. Yet, it felt as though we had all been together for many years. He said that we had all rowed in the same direction from the first day. That he was very proud of the youngsters for their commitment to this jersey and if they were there and gave what they gave at the Copa America, it was because they more than deserved to be there. Once he finished, everyone was in tears because it touched everyone's hearts, especially the youngsters," said Di Maria.

Argentina lost to Brazil 2-0 in the semifinals in the tournament.

Di Maria said he's seeing an evolution in Messi.

"The important thing is that Leo is like this. I like this Messi."