Uli Hoeness went after the "west German" press for failing to defend Manuel Neuer in a row against Marc-Andre ter Stegen over who should start in goal for the German national team. 

"I think it's a joke. Especially the Munich press, it is not OK. The west German press act as if ter Stegen has already won 17 World Cups. But I don't see anything from the south German press. No support," said Hoeness.

Hoeness continued, saying that Neuer should be first-choice in goal beyond the Euros.

"There is just no discussion for anyone in the world to doubt that Manuel Neuer should be in goal here in Germany and I read today that maybe [only] until the European Championship. He can play as long as he stays healthy. He will always be the best. End of story. We will light up the folks at DFB [German FA]. We are good at that."