Cristiano Ronaldo believes he would be worth €300 million if he were sold today instead of the summer of 2009 when he left Manchester United for Real Madrid for £80 million. Eight years later, Paris Saint-Germain bought Neymar from Barcelona for €222 million.

"Based on how football is nowadays? It's difficult to calculate," said Ronaldo when asked the question.

"Today there is a lot of emphasis placed on potential and the football industry is different. I'm going to put aside [Portugal international Joao] Felix's [€120m transfer to Atletico Madrid from Benfica] case. Nowadays, any player is worth €100m having proved nothing, there is more money in football.

"A goalkeeper, a centre-back is worth €70m, €80m -- I don't agree. But this is the world which we live in, the market is like that and you have to respect it. Is there a football player that has more records than me? I don't think there is a player that has more records than me."