City Football Group executive Alberto Galassi addressed rumors of Pep Guardiola leaving Manchester City for Juventus.

"As a Manchester City board member, I was very surprised to read such a load of nonsense. Firstly, our coach wants to stay and has another two years on his contract. Secondly, any club like Juventus would never have allowed the release of such news. It is not possible to think that there will be a presentation in a few days and that City is unaware of it before they have even contacted us. It is totally groundless and false," said Galassi.

Galassi added that he and Juventus vice-chairman Pavel Nedved laughed at the rumors.

"We had a laugh. We both realised the issue had become ridiculous. I'm sorry for Juventus fans, but they will need to find another coach. Let Pep enjoy his holidays."