Pep Guardiola was angered by a question about whether he was receiving extra payments to get around FFP.

“Do you know the question you’re asking me? Did I receive money for another situation, right now, today? Honestly, do you think I deserve to have this type of question, the day we won the treble, did I receive money? Are you accusing me of receiving money?” asked Guardiola.

Guardiola added that while City spend money, they do so within the rules.

“But [regarding the Uefa investigation] we wait, if we’re punished we accept it. But I listen to my chairman [Khaldoon al-Mubarak] and my CEO [Ferran Soriano], they give me the arguments for why we are under investigation and I trust them. They tell me we are fair and we absolutely follow the rules, I believe them. If the opponents and contenders think it’s just about the money, it is OK.”