Pep Guardiola said that Manchester City players are not over their Champions League heartbreak.

"If they forgot what happened on Wednesday that would not be the truth -- they would not be human beings. It will take time but you have to live with that feeling and play with that feeling and it's nice. What we lived last Wednesday in terms of emotion and simple life, it was incredible -- we were fortunate to live it. More than 55,000 people went from joy and happiness and within one second everyone was devastated. There is not an activity in this world you can put in these limits. Always it will remain in our hearts. The performance we did was incredible at this level. I don't want to see my players saying it doesn't matter what happened, I like to see them that it hurts," said Guardiola.

Guardiola added that his side are prepared to face Tottenham again this weekend.

"Both teams are going to attack, them in their way with long balls to Llorente or Lucas Moura picking up second balls and the attacker running in behind. We are going to attack with a more positional game but it will not be easy because they are an incredible top team -- we saw it in the last two games -- but we are going to try."