Mauricio Pochettino hailed Tottenham's 4-3 win over Manchester City that moved them into the semifinals of the Champions League.

“We showed [here] and last week that all is possible in football. That is the most important thing. Sport always gives you the possibility to beat teams that no one thinks we are capable of [beating]. Football is not only about talent but belief. This team has the personality and mentality to believe all is possible. That is a massive achievement for us. With this belief, we can achieve big things," said Pochettino.

Pep Guardiola could only criticize VAR after two decisions - a goal from Fernando Llorente and Raheem Sterling's potential match-winning goal - went against City.

I support VAR but maybe from one angle Fernando Llorente’s goal is handball, maybe from the referee’s angle it is not. I am for fair football, for fair decisions. The referees must be helped sometimes. When it is offside, it is offside. What can I say?”