Jurgen Klopp said that Liverpool's 3-1 win at Bayern Munich was another step in returning the club to prominence on an international level.

“We set a mark for LFC tonight that we are back on the international landscape as a football club. I am really happy about the result and the fact that we are through...This is important for where we want to get to. There are some places in world football that whatever team comes here – Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona – they wouldn’t expect to win it. They know it’s a tough place to come," said Klopp.

Klopp added that Liverpool's mentality mattered more than any free-flowing style of play.

“It is not about playing free-flowing football because that is not possible against a side of this quality, you have to find different ways and we found them. That makes me really proud and happy because I think this club deserves recognition and awareness again. We are back – that’s good, we have a lot to learn but we are back. We are back. There is no doubt we are back again.”