Max Allegri praised Atletico Madrid heading into their second-leg tie in the Champions League round of 16.

“Diego Simeone’s results speak for him, as he was in two Champions League Finals, losing one on penalties and the other he was winning until the last minute. Atletico are one of the best teams in Europe and have been over the last 10 years. It’s a marvellous fixture in the Round of 16 and we must be up to the task. I am certain we will be," said Allegri.

The Juventus manager added that his side need to be more direct in their play. 

“We need to use our strengths, our determination and aggression, all supported by the passion of our fans who will certainly give us a big hand. Atletico haven’t conceded in five games, so that bodes well, by the law of averages. We’ve got to play in a different way to the approach we had in Madrid, with more vertical passes, pace and pressing.”