Ronaldo was optimistic about Juventus' chances of getting past Atletico Madrid in the Champions League round of 16 despite being down 2-0 heading into the second leg.

"As I said it's going to be a difficult game. Atletico is a team that has played two Champions League finals in the last four years, it's one of the teams that can win the Champions League.We know it will be difficult but, if Juventus play well, we will get through," said Ronaldo.

Ronaldo added that he does not miss life in Spain.

"I do not miss Spain or Portugal. Things are the way they are. Obviously, I left many friends, left a great club. I left a club that gave me a lot of love, people and friends. But I do not miss the country itself, because I have the same here. It has not been difficult for me. Everything has been very intense, interesting and different but I have adapted well. I am happy".