Mauricio Pochettino said he was in "a little bit of shock" over his 2 game suspension for confronting Mike Dean following a match.

“I am a little bit in shock because I think it’s completely unfair. But what can I do now? Nothing. We still don’t know the reasons because the letter [of explanation] still hasn’t arrived...of course it wasn’t the best way to complain or talk with the referee, but I never expected this type of situation, that for me is not fair. I need to see the reasons why, and then we’ll see what happens," said the Tottenham manager.

Pochettino stated that this was his first offense in seven years in England, adding "it’s my first time here that I’m maybe not completely right in my behaviour but I feel this is too much. I feel a little sad and disappointed with the punishment. I need to wait see [their] reasons to ban me for two games. It’s unbelievable, no?”