Marcelo Bielsa took responsibility for Leeds sending an employee to spy on Derby County's training session before their match. Police removed the Leeds employee from the perimeter of Derby's training ground.

Leeds beat Derby County 2-0.

Bielsa stated that sending someone to observe an opponent's training session was a common tactic he had used throughout his career.

"I am the only one responsible for it, because I didn't ask for the permission of Leeds to do it. Without trying to find a justification, I have been using this kind of practice since the qualifiers for the World Cup with Argentina. It is not illegal, we have been doing it publicly and we talk about it in the press. For some people, it's the wrong thing to do and for other people, it's not the wrong thing to do," said Bielsa.

Derby County manager Frank Lampard said that his side were working on their pressing during the training session, and that it would be up to the FA to handle the situation. 

"The training stopped because the police came on the training ground, then it went away. We were training on team tactics, team shape, personnel, how we are going to press, how we will work off the ball, the fact Harry Wilson wasn't training would become evident, so the person who is watching will see all of that."