Mauricio Pochettino cautioned that Tottenham Hotspur will face limitations without an increase in their budget on players.

Pochettino has been hugely successful since joining Spurs in 2014, but he has yet to win the Premier League.

“I hope, if I have the opportunity to talk with Arsène Wenger, to ask if it was worth it?” Pochettino said. “I don’t know what he would say.”

He has an inkling. “I have massive, huge respect for Arsène Wenger because when you talk about 22 years in charge of a club like Arsenal, you need to be so good – not only a fantastic coach but a great human being, to display the values you have,” the Tottenham coach said. “That is why it is a little bit sad the way it ended at his club. It shows how difficult this business is. But for us it is not a business, it is a passion. All that Arsène Wenger gave for Arsenal, to finish in the way it finished, yes, was a little bit unfair.

“Do I see the similarity between his situation at Arsenal and mine at Spurs? Yes, although it’s true this is only my fifth year. It’s true we work and we know the reality and sometimes we cannot expect that the people live the same reality or have the same knowledge about what happens inside [the club].

“I hope or I wish to be here 20 years and decide to leave or to finish my career here. But I don’t know because I need to ask him one day if he is so happy in the way that he finished [for him]. From my point of view it was so unfair how the people treated him and talked. But we’ll see.”