The Round of 16 for the 17-18 Champions League is now set following the final matches of the group stage.

Group A: Manchester United (winners), FC Basel (runners up)

Group B: PSG (winners), Bayern Munich (runners up)

Group C: Roma (winners), Chelsea (runners up)

Group D: Barcelona (winners), Juventus (runners up)

Group E: Liverpool (winners), Seville (runners up)

Group F: Manchester City (winners), Shakhtar (runners up)

Group G: Besiktas (winners), Porto (runners up)

Group H: Tottenham (winners), Real Madrid (runners up)

The next round will begin in February while the Round of 16 draw will take place on December 11th.

Teams cannot face a team they played in the group stage.

Pot 1 (club coefficient ranking): Manchester United (14), Paris Saint-Germain (6), Roma (30), Barcelona (3), Liverpool (32), Manchester City (8), Besiktas (28), Tottenham Hotspur (21).

Pot 2: Basel (20), Bayern Munich (4), Chelsea (15), Juventus (5), Seville (7), Shakhtar Donetsk (16), Porto (12), Real Madrid (1).