Arsene Wenger says Manchester United pursued him in 2001 but he decided he preferred the culture of Arsenal.

Former United chairman Martin Edwards sought a deal with Wenger when Alex Ferguson announced he would retire after the 01-02 season.

Wenger expounded on why he wanted to remain with Arsenal.

“Because I love the values of this club and, for me, a club is about values first,” he said. “One day it would be a good chat to have with the press to look at the evolution. You speak about Manchester United, and the evolution in the last 20 years would be very interesting. A lot has changed but when I came here this club was about values that I love in sport. That is why I am still in the competition.

“So I always question myself. Yes, of course, Manchester United is attractive but am I happy here? The answer was yes.”

Wenger clarified that he was never tempted by a move to Old Trafford. “No, because I was always happy here,” he said. “More than people [were] happy with me, I was always happy here.”