Joe Hart is confident Manchester City won't ask for a prohibitive amount for him on the transfer market.

Hart was loaned out to Torino this past season.

City bought Ederson this summer from Benfica.

“Something’s going to happen, one way or another, but it’s almost in the hands of the businessmen now,” Hart said. “They have obviously signed the new keeper, and I get the direction [in which they are moving]. There is no real need for me to talk to them. I’m lucky enough to have management who deal with that side of things. I think they spoke to my agent. There is no animosity between the two teams; they are going about their business, and we are going to go about ours.

“Look, I would love to give you a poker-straight answer as to where I’ll be next season, but I’ve got nothing at the moment. I’d love to be ‘withholding information’ about my future, but I don’t have the information to withhold. People are focused on international duty and respecting that players are focused on international duty. Come Tuesday night, after that is when conversations can be had and people can start being real. My personal situation is interesting, and patience is going to have to be the key.”