Manuel Pellegrini had a significant influence upon Spanish soccer during his time at Villarreal, Real Madrid and Malaga, which influenced La Liga and Spain's national team.

“I changed the way they played in Spain, using loose midfielders instead of players in fixed positions. That was acquired by the Spain team,” Pellegrini said.

“In La Liga, before I went to Villarreal, they used forwards as wingers but I produced more mobile midfielders with space.

“What I did at Villarreal was bigger than winning trophies. There I achieved what no one had ever done, and no one ever will.

“And I accomplished something no one had ever done at Malaga either. Then I went to Madrid and we had the best season in the club’s history to that point, but didn’t win trophies.

“I did things that no one did before. Is that a coincidence?”