Gareth Southgate has declined an opportunity to confirm he will remain as manager of England beyond the 2024 Euros. Southgate's contract with England expires in December.

The Football Association would like to extend Southgate for the 2026 World Cup. Southgate has managed England since 2016.

Southgate is a serious candidate to become manager of Manchester United.

In an exclusive interview with ESPN, Southgate said: "I think '26 will be an amazing World Cup. I'm old enough to remember '94 [in the U.S.] I didn't go and obviously England didn't qualify.

"But you know that any sporting event the U.S. are involved in hosting -- and clearly Mexico '86 I also remember -- that will be an amazing tournament, which will be a different sort of challenge.

"If you think about the travel and the time zones compared to the last World Cup, it couldn't be more different. Temperature changes, altitude and everything else that you could face. So that would also be an amazing tournament."

Southgate was asked whether the World Cup will tempt to remain as manager of England.

"That will depend on playing well, getting results and wanting to stay. Any number of things would be wrapped up in that. But that's for after this summer, really."