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Soccer Reflecting Life: How Samuel Eto'o Defined His Era

by Yu Miyagawa

Sep 20, 2019 9:25 PM

With his journey, there may be no footballer who better represented what it meant to be shaped by the game, by how the game could move, by what it could give and take away. Eto'o may not have been the defining player of his era, but no player experienced the era more deeply. Read more »

Tags: Barcelona, Chelsea, Internazionale

Jose Mourinho Explains The World

by Yu Miyagawa

Aug 3, 2019 9:42 PM

Somehow, 2019 represents a vital time for the perception of Jose Mourinho in how he'll be remembered within soccer history. He is undoubtedly an era defining manager, but he's recently left himself vulnerable to revisionist criticism due to his inability to evolve. Read more »

Tags: Chelsea, Internazionale, Manchester United, Real Madrid

Serie A Match Abstract: Inter 3, AC Milan 2

by Yu Miyagawa

Mar 19, 2019 11:07 AM

That was not only one of the best Milan derbies in recent memory, that will surely be one of the matches of the season. Read more »

Tags: Internazionale, A.C. Milan, Game Recap

End-To-End Stuff: Mauro Icardi

by Colin McGowan

There are rare instances when a player develops an institutional bond with his club. Mauro Icardi appears to have one with Inter, having joined back in 2012 and stuck around through some lean years and now they're back on the upswing. Read more »
Inter Milan Find Stability Through The Second Market

by Yu Miyagawa

On Walter Sabatini and Luciano Spalletti finding stability by getting the lower profile signings right. Read more »
Mauro Icardi Comes Of Age

by Yu Miyagawa

Early this season, we're beginning to see the player Mauro Icardi can become, not just as a poacher but a captain who inspires his teammates. It's already been a long and interesting path for a 23-year-old. Read more »
Frank De Boer And Why Inter Are In Transition Again

by Yu Miyagawa

Inter spent over $120 million in overhauling their attack while also bringing in Frank De Boer to see if his success at Ajax can translate into Serie A. Read more »
2015 Year-End Soccer Club Portfolio Rankings

by Christopher Reina & Yu Miyagawa

Soccer has a fairly solidified yet ever-changing landscape, but this creation of a hierarchal ranking gives a look to how we would choose their collective situations at the end of 2015. Read more »
It Was The Best Of Mou, It Was The Worst Of Mou

by Colin McGowan

No one would argue that Jose Mourinho doesn't have a keen tactical mind or that he isn't extraordinarily charismatic, but he also verges on being unemployably temperamental. Read more »
The Winter Of Interís Content

by Yu Miyagawa

Intern Milan were never expected to be rebuilt in one day, four months, or a January transfer window. But they may have discovered something more important in the process. Read more »

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